Experts by Expertise: Disasters and Emergency Response

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Note to members of the news media:

The correct name of the university is “University at Buffalo,” not “University of Buffalo.”

  • Head shot of Joseph Atkinson.

    Joseph Atkinson

    Director of the Great Lakes Program

    Expertise: Great Lakes water levels, flooding and water pollution

    Phone: 716-645-2220


  • Portrait of Michel Bruneau.

    Michel Bruneau

    SUNY Distinguished Professor of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

    Expertise: disaster resilience, multi-hazard engineering, design of infrastructure to resist extreme events, earthquake engineering, design of steel structures, structural engineering

    Phone: (716) 645-3398


  • Portrait of Susan Spierre Clark, University at Buffalo sustainability, climate change, infrastructure and community resilience expert.

    Susan Spierre Clark

    Assistant Professor of Environment and Sustainability

    Expertise: climate change and sustainable development; resilient infrastructure; power outages due to extreme events; sustainability education; community resilience

    Phone: 716-645-1403


  • Portrait of Negar Elhami-Khorasani, University at Buffalo structural fire engineering and wildland urban interface expert.

    Negar Elhami-Khorasani

    Associate Professor of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

    Expertise: structural fire engineering, wildfires in wildland-urban interface communities, fire following earthquake, multi-hazard engineering, disaster resilience

    Phone: 716-645-3019


  • Head shot of Joana Gaia, University at Buffalo digital security and privacy expert.

    Joana Gaia

    Clinical Assistant Professor of Management Science and Systems

    Expertise: health information systems; business intelligence; digital security and privacy; data analytics; emergency management; girls and STEM careers

    Contact: Joana Gaia can be reached most quickly through Jackie Ghosen in the School of Management Communications Office at 716-645-2833 or

  • Head shot of Tracy K. P. Gregg.

    Tracy K. P. Gregg

    Professor of Geology

    Expertise: volcanology, volcanoes on Mars and Venus, the search for water on Mars, volcanism on the moon, deep-sea eruptions, basaltic lava flows

    Phone: 716-645-4328


  • Head shot of Gregory Homish, University at Buffalo substance use and mental health expert.

    Gregory Homish

    Professor and Chair of Community Health and Health Behavior

    Expertise: substance use and misuse; substance use among military personnel; substance use and families; emergency preparedness and response; health of emergency responders

    Phone: 716-829-6959


  • Head shot of Dave Hostler, University at Buffalo human performance expert.

    Dave Hostler

    Chair of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

    Expertise: effect of diving on human health; environmental physiology; hyperthermia; hypothermia; firefighter and emergency responder health and safety

    Phone: 716-829-6795


  • Head shot of Howard Lasker, University at Buffalo coral reef expert.

    Howard Lasker

    Professor Emeritus of Environment and Sustainability

    Expertise: coral reefs; coral bleaching; climate change and oceans

    Phone: 716-645-4870


  • Head shot of E. Brooke Lerner, University at Buffalo emergency medicine expert, including in relation to mass shootings and other mass casualty incidents.

    E. Brooke Lerner

    Professor of Emergency Medicine

    Expertise: emergency medicine, emergency care for children, mass shootings, mass casualty incidents

    Phone: 716-645-9726


  • Portrait of Sayanti Mukherjee, University at Buffalo predictive analytics and critical infrastructure systems expert.

    Sayanti Mukherjee

    Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering

    Expertise: resilient sociotechnical systems, predictive analytics, risk-informed decision-making, public health and health care, electrical grid and energy, climate change impact assessment

    Phone: 716-645-4699


  • Head shot of Nicholas Rajkovich, University at Buffalo climate change expert.

    Nicholas Rajkovich

    Associate Professor of Architecture

    Expertise: climate change and cities; climate adaptation in the Great Lakes region; energy efficiency; renewable energy; climate refuge cities

    Phone: 716-829-6910



  • Head shot of Adel Sadek.

    Adel Sadek

    Professor of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

    Expertise: traffic, traffic at border-crossings, traffic in bad weather, smart cities, electric, autonomous and conventional vehicles

    Phone: 716-645-4367


  • Head shot of Charlotte Lindqvist, University at Buffalo evolutionary biology expert.

    Joann Sands

    Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing

    Expertise: disaster response education and training; emergency preparedness and management; the role of nurses in disasters

    Phone: 716-829-2342


  • Head shot of Natalie Simpson, University at Buffalo emergency management and supply chain expert.

    Natalie Simpson

    Chair of Operations Management and Strategy

    Expertise: emergency services and disaster response; supply chain risk and resilience; creative and temporary operations; complex networks

    Contact: Natalie Simpson can be reached most quickly through Jackie Ghosen in the School of Management Communications Office at 716-645-2833 or

  • Photo of Nallan Suresh.

    Nallan Suresh

    UB Distinguished Professor and Chair of Operations Management and Strategy

    Expertise: global supply networks; supply chain disruptions; U.S. and global manufacturing; international trade; logistics; infrastructure; economic development

    Contact: Nallan Suresh can be reached most quickly through Jackie Ghosen in the School of Management Communications Office at 716-645-2833 or

  • Head shot of Greg A. Valentine.

    Greg A. Valentine

    UB Distinguished Professor of Geology

    Expertise: volcanoes, volcanic eruptions, disaster preparedness, supervolcanoes

    Phone: 716-645-4295


  • John Violanti at night in front of a blurred police car with lights on.

    John M. Violanti

    Research Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health

    Expertise: police stress, health and suicide; PTSD

    Phone: 716-829-5481


  • Head shot of Andrew Whittaker.

    Andrew Whittaker

    SUNY Distinguished Professor of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

    Expertise: earthquake engineering; seismic protective systems; blast engineering; bridge engineering; infrastructure; design and assessment of nuclear power plants; performance-based engineering; risk engineering

    Phone: 716-645-4364


  • Head shot of Janet Yang, University at Buffalo health, science, environmental and risk communication expert.

    Janet Yang

    Professor of Communication

    Expertise: science, health, environmental and risk communication

    Phone: 716-645-1169