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Susan Spierre Clark

Assistant Professor of Environment and Sustainability
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences


Climate change and sustainable development; resilient infrastructure; power outages due to extreme events; sustainability education; community resilience

Portrait of Susan Spierre Clark, University at Buffalo sustainability, climate change, infrastructure and community resilience expert.

Susan Spierre Clark is an expert on sustainable development and the impact of climate change on society.

Her research focuses on the sustainability and resilience of critical infrastructure to climate change, including water, energy and transportation systems. Among other topics, she has investigated the social burden of power outages caused by natural disasters and other extreme events.

At UB, Clark has served as director of sustainability graduate programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, collaborating with faculty and professionals across the university to advance sustainability scholarship, education and practice. She has taught and developed curriculum and tools for resilience and sustainability education, including a course on the fundamentals of sustainability.


Susan Spierre Clark, PhD
Assistant Professor of Environment and Sustainability
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences