Experts by Expertise: History

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The correct name of the university is “University at Buffalo,” not “University of Buffalo.”

  • Portrait of Jenifer Barclay, University at Buffalo disability history and African American history expert.

    Jenifer Barclay

    Associate Professor of History

    Expertise: disability history; disability, race, gender, class and sexuality; intersectionality; ableism; African American history; history of slavery, emancipation and the U.S. Civil War

    Phone: 716-645-8409


  • Head shot of Michael Boucai.

    Michael Boucai

    Professor of Law

    Expertise: Law and policy on sex, sexuality, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation; reproductive rights; constitutional, criminal, and family law; LGBTQ history

    Phone: 716-645-1743


  • Carrie Tirado Bramen.

    Carrie Tirado Bramen

    Professor of English

    Expertise: U.S. cultural and intellectual history; feminist and gender studies; critical race studies; 19th-century American literature; U.S.-Latinx literature; history of astrology

    Phone: 716-645-5200


  • Head shot of Susan K. Cahn.

    Susan K. Cahn

    Emerita Professor of History

    Expertise: gender and sexuality in sports, homophobia in sports, women’s history, feminist theory, history of chronic illness, history of mental illness

    Phone: 716-645-8418


  • Head shot of James Campbell.

    James Campbell

    UB Distinguished Professor of Political Science

    Expertise: U.S. politics, political parties, political polarization, campaigns, public opinion, political participation, congressional elections, election forecasting, elections and the economy, presidential approval, electoral systems (including redistricting and ranked choice voting)

    Phone: 716-645-8452


  • Head shot of David Castillo.

    David Castillo

    Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures

    Expertise: early modern culture, Baroque literature, horror and fantasy, new media and culture

    Phone: 716-645-0869


  • Portrait of Yige Dong, University at Buffalo gender, work and political economy expert.

    Yige Dong

    Assistant Professor of Sociology, and of Global Gender and Sexuality Studies

    Expertise: labor, work, gender and political economy, especially in China; labor and feminist movements in China and in a global context

    Phone: 716-645-2417


  • Head shot of Carole Emberton.

    Carole Emberton

    Professor of History

    Expertise: Civil War era, Confederate flag and monuments, history of race, slavery, Southern history, racial violence

    Phone: 716-645-8405


  • Head shot of Cecil Foster, University at Buffalo Canadian studies and multiculturalism expert.

    Cecil Foster

    Professor of Transnational Studies in the Department of Africana and American Studies

    Expertise: Canadian studies; multiculturalism, politics, race, ethnicity and immigration in Canada

    Phone: 716-645-0786


  • Portrait of Donald A. Grinde Jr., University at Buffalo Native American studies expert.

    Donald A. Grinde Jr.

    Professor Emeritus in the Department of Africana and American Studies

    Expertise: Native American studies, Native American thought, Haudenosaunee/Iroquois history, U.S. Indian Policy since 1871, American Indian activism

    Phone: 716-645-0828


  • Head shot of Erin Hatton, University at Buffalo labor, workforce and gig economy expert.

    Erin Hatton

    Professor of Sociology

    Expertise: labor movements, gig economy, job security, coerced labor, pay for college athletes, minimum wage, workfare

    Phone: 716-645-8476


  • Head shot of David Herzberg.

    David Herzberg

    Professor of History

    Expertise: opioid epidemic; history of prescription drugs, street drugs and other psychoactive substances; drug policy and drug wars; drugs and popular culture; addiction; drugs and social inequalities of race and gender 
    Phone: 716-645-8416


  • Portrait of LaGarrett J. King, University at Buffalo Black history education expert.

    LaGarrett J. King

    Director of the Center for K-12 Black History and Racial Literacy Education

    Expertise: Black history education, social studies, history of education, teacher education, racism and anti-Blackness

    Phone: 716-645-2455


  • Portrait of Yan Liu, University at Buffalo Chinese history expert, with a focus on the history of Chinese medicine, food and spices and comparative medicine.

    Yan Liu

    Associate Professor of History

    Expertise: history of Chinese medicine, food and spices; history of epidemics; history of the senses; comparative historical perspectives in medicine

    Phone: 716-645-8404


  • Head shot of Elizabeth Mazzolini, University at Buffalo environmental studies, waste studies and consumerism expert.

    Elizabeth Mazzolini

    Associate Professor of English

    Expertise: Mountaineering deaths, climbing technology, consumerism, material culture, garbage, culture of waste

    Phone: 716-645-0691


  • Head shot of Ndubueze L. Mbah, University at Buffalo West Africa and Atlantic World expert.

    Ndubueze L. Mbah

    Associate Professor of History

    Expertise: African history; the Atlantic World; colonialism; gender in West Africa; history of slavery and emancipation; Boko Haram

    Phone: 716-645-8415


  • Head shot of Elizabeth Otto, University at Buffalo faculty expert on art history, including Bauhaus, modern art, Dada, surrealism, cubism, and gender.

    Elizabeth Otto

    Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History

    Expertise: the Bauhaus, history of photography, European and American Art, visual culture, theories of montage, gender issues, art and religion

    Phone: 716-645-5334


  • Head shot of Michael Rembis, University at Buffalo disability history and disability studies expert.

    Michael Rembis

    Director of the Center for Disability Studies

    Expertise: disability history; disability studies; history of madness and mental illness; mental health in the context of prisons/mass incarceration; history of eugenics


  • Head shot of Adam Rome, University at Buffalo environmental history and environmental movements expert.

    Adam Rome

    Professor of Environment and Sustainability

    Expertise: environmental movement in the U.S., environmental history, Earth Day, sustainable business, suburban sprawl

    Phone: 716-645-8665


  • Head shot of David Schmid.

    David Schmid

    Associate Professor of English

    Expertise: popular culture, cultural studies, celebrity, crime, manhood, the monstrous, contemporary British and American fiction, American literary and cultural treatments of the city

    Phone: 716-645-0679


  • Head shot of Kristin Stapleton, University at Buffalo faculty expert on modern China.

    Kristin Stapleton

    Professor and Chair of History

    Expertise: modern China; U.S.-China relations; Chinese cities; history of the family, socialism and humor in China

    Phone: 716-645-5645



  • Head shot of Despina Stratigakos.

    Despina Stratigakos

    Professor of Architecture

    Expertise: diversity in architecture; gender and modernity in European cities; German architecture; Nazi propaganda and architecture

    Phone: 716-829-3486


  • Head shot of Barbara Wejnert.

    Barbara Wejnert

    Professor of Environment and Sustainability

    Expertise: spread of democracy since 1800, democratic transitions and sustainability, Eastern European politics and political movements, democracy and inequality in a globalized world

    Phone: 716-645-0787


  • Head shot of Lillian S. Williams, University at Buffalo U.S. social and urban history expert.

    Lillian S. Williams

    Associate Professor of Africana and American Studies

    Expertise: U.S. social and urban history; African American history in the U.S. and Western New York; women’s history

    Phone: 716-645-0798


  • Head shot of Kari J. Winter.

    Kari J. Winter

    Professor of American Studies

    Expertise: gender, feminism, race, class, slavery, politics of food, literature

    Phone: 716-645-0827


  • Head shot of Victoria Wolcott, University at Buffalo civil rights expert.

    Victoria Wolcott

    Director of the Gender Institute

    Expertise: civil rights, African American history, race and cities, urban history, gender, sexuality

    Phone: 716-645-8411