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Sarah A. Robert

Associate Professor of Learning and Instruction
University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education


Teaching as an occupation; teachers’ unions; labor issues in education; global education reform; gender and equity in education; school food

Head shot of Sarah Robert, University at Buffalo faculty expert on teachers, teachers' unions and school food.

Sarah A. Robert’s research focuses on teaching as an occupation, and how teachers — through their work and knowledge — can contribute to educational reform that benefits all students.

She can speak to the media about the job of teaching, including society’s expectations of teachers and a teacher’s typical work day. She can also discuss teachers’ unions and labor issues in education.

As a researcher, Robert has spent significant time in school districts and classrooms. Her work pays attention to power dynamics in the teaching field, considering issues such as gender, race, ethnicity and class. She hopes her research transforms education policy by giving teachers more of a voice in addressing how policies are critiqued and revised.

Robert is also an expert in school food policy. Her interest in this topic grew from conversations with teachers on the impact of hunger on student learning. She is author of the book “School Food Politics” (Peter Lang, 2011), and is conducting research on how school food affects health and education equity in the U.S., Uruguay and Dominican Republic

Robert has conducted research throughout the Americas. She has published in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and is literate in all three languages. As a former Buffalo Public Schools student and a first-generation college student, Robert is committed to making a difference in education to help all students succeed.


Sarah A. Robert, PhD
Associate Professor of Learning and Instruction
University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education