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Frank A. Scannapieco

Chair of Oral Biology
University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine


Link between oral and overall health; oral health care in hospitals and nursing homes; dental plaque

Head shot of Frank Scannapieco, University at Buffalo oral health and dental plaque expert.

Frank A. Scannapieco is a periodontist and microbiologist. He can speak to the media about dental plaque and the connection between oral and overall health, particularly in at-risk populations.

His work includes the study of dental plaque formation, the effect of plaque on oral health, and the relationship between oral and systemic diseases, such as pneumonia, diabetes and obesity.

Scannapieco is among the first to draw the connection between poor oral health and respiratory infection in intensive care and nursing home patients. His work has contributed to the now widespread recognition for the need of oral care in the hospitals and nursing homes.


Frank A. Scannapieco, DMD, PhD
Chair and SUNY Distinguished Professor of Oral Biology
University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine