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Jason Benedict

Associate Professor of Chemistry
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences


Chemistry, chemical reactions, chemical crystallography, photochemistry, nanomaterials, synchrotron light sources, science of snowflakes

Head shot of Jason Benedict, University at Buffalo chemistry expert.

Jason Benedict is a materials science expert. He can speak to the media about crystals and light-responsive materials, and he can also answer general questions about chemistry and chemical reactions.

His research focuses on metal-organic frameworks — hole-filled crystals that could one day act as high-tech sponges, sopping up spilled oil, greenhouse gases and other chemicals. The pores within these crystals change their geometry in response to light and other stimuli. This special property could enable scientists to trap chemicals inside the pores and then alter the shape of the openings to prevent escape.

Benedict is passionate about engaging the public, including children, in science. He founded and organizes the U.S. Crystal Growing Competition, an annual contest that challenges K-12 students and teachers across the country to grow crystals from potassium aluminum sulfate, a nontoxic chemical.


Jason Benedict, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemistry
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences