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Eun-Hye “Enki” Yoo

Associate Professor of Geography
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences


GIScience, human mobility, spatial statistics (including in relation to public health, air pollution and the environment)

Head shot of Eun-Hye "Enki" Yoo, University at Buffalo GIS expert.

Eun-Hye “Enki” Yoo is an expert in geographic information science (GIS). Her work focuses on using statistical analysis to improve understanding of spatiotemporal geographic processes.

Yoo’s research interests are broad, with past or current studies exploring spatial and temporal patterns relating to termite mounds, mosquito abundance, vegetation, population density, human spatial behavior, air pollution, respiratory disease and more. In a hands-on project, she is exploring how scientists can use environmental handheld sensors to generate data for more detailed maps and models of local air pollution.

Yoo enjoys collaborating with colleagues from a variety of disciplines, including engineering, computer science, public health, ecology, social work, entomology, psychology, biostatistics and pediatric surgery.


Eun-Hye “Enki” Yoo, PhD
Associate Professor of Geography
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences