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Amy Hequembourg

Associate Professor of Nursing
University at Buffalo School of Nursing


Health disparities affecting sexual minorities

Portrait of Amy Hequembourg, University at Buffalo expert on health disparities among sexual minorities.

Amy Hequembourg’s research focuses on understanding and dismantling health disparities among sexual and gender minority populations, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and other individuals.

Hequembourg can speak to the media about factors that drive inequities, including stress resulting from discrimination and prejudice, and cultural, legal and social structures that prioritize heterosexuality and marginalize those who do not conform to expectations. She can also discuss barriers to health care that result in lower utilization of services.

Much of Hequembourg’s work is devoted to understanding why sexual and gender minorities experience a variety of health disparities — which can include higher rates of substance use disorders, mental health symptoms, trauma symptoms, lifetime sexual victimization, and some forms of cancer — compared to heterosexual individuals.


Amy Hequembourg, PhD
Associate Professor of Nursing
University at Buffalo School of Nursing