Violation of Status

Maintaining J-1 status is very important. Recent changes in US immigration policy make it difficult to correct an immigration status violation.

J-1 Immigration Status Violations

Failing to maintain your immigration status will result in SEVIS termination. A terminated SEVIS record means that F-1 status has ended, your DS-2019 is no longer valid and you are not eligible for on-campus employment, practical training, travel signature or any other J-1 benefit. In most cases, the termination of your SEVIS record means that you must make plans to immediately depart the U.S. Two options to regain status are explained below.

We encourage all students to carefully read the maintaining status information so you can avoid a status violation.

It is also important to notify ISS if you plan to leave UB or take a break in studies before making your plans to do so. Review the Leaving UB page to ensure you are compliant.

SEVIS Termination Reasons

Failure to enroll in classes

  • J-1 student status requires full-time enrollment.
  • Enrolling in too many online courses is also a status violation. (Exceptions permitted during COVID)

Unauthorized drop/resign below full course load without first receiving ISS approval

  • 12 credit hours per semester is required. Except: 
    • Graduate students who have an Assistantship may take 9 credits. 
    • Graduate students nearing the end of their programs and working full-time on a doctoral dissertation or master’s thesis, project, portfolio, or comprehensive exam may be eligible to be certified full-time by the Graduate School while registered for fewer than 12 credits.
    • Reduced Course Loads are possible in limited situations but must be approved before the add/drop deadline or before resigning courses if the add/drop deadline has passed.

Unauthorized withdraw from all courses

  • It is important to discuss your situation with an ISS Advisor before filing paperwork to withdraw from courses. Filing for an Academic term withdrawal even after the semester ended will result in a status violation.

Failing to report/update local residential address

  • Enrolled students must report/update their local residential address in the HUB Student Center. 
  • Students on OPT must report/update their local address on UB Global.
  • Addresses must be updated within 10 days of a change.

Expulsion (dismissal) or suspension

  • Failing to depart the U.S. after the university withdraws/suspends a student for misconduct or other violation is a status violation.

Failure to extend a DS-2019 before the Program End Date

  • Maintaining a valid DS-2019 is a part of maintaining J-1 status. If additional time is needed to complete degree requirements, a DS-2019 extension must be submitted and approved by ISS before the program end date on your current DS-2019.

Unauthorized employment

  • Work authorization is required for any off-campus employment.