Conference calls

Up to 6 callers can be bridged together for on-the-fly conferencing using your UB phone.

Applies to: 8800 phone models

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Adding callers

  1. While on a call, press the Conference key.
  2. Dial the second party’s number.
  3. When the party answers, press the Conference key again. Repeat to establish up to six callers.

Joining existing calls into a conference

  1. While active on a call, press the Conference key.
  2. Choose the Active Calls soft key at the bottom of your display screen, and select from other calls on the line to merge to the conference.

Transfer control

  1. Press the Transfer soft key on your phone's screen while the conference call is ongoing.
  2. Dial the number to which you would like to give control of the call.
  3. Press Transfer again to transfer control.

The conference call will not end when the initiator hangs up if they are using a VoIP phone. The call does not end until the last participant hangs up.

Add incoming calls

  1. Press the Answer soft key (this will place the initiating phone on hold and allow other conference call participants to speak).
  2. Select the Join soft key (a check mark icon will appear next to the incoming call).
  3. Navigate to and highlight the conference call.
  4. Select the Join soft key again to include the incoming call in the conference.

Mute sound

To avoid disturbing others in a conference call if you need to leave the room temporarily, press the Mute button on the front of your phone to prevent others from hearing any sound from it. You will still be able to hear other participants while you are muted. Press Mute again to unmute.

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Do conference call participants hear music when the call is put on hold?


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