Microsoft Teams

Teams is a helpful collaboration tool for faculty, staff, and students. At this time, UB has only MS add-in applications enabled.

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How do I create a team?

Contact your IT support for assistance.

Teams feature highlights

Share files

Use the Files tab to easily share and work on the same documents simultaneously. 

Make video and voice calls

Conduct virtual meetings with faculty, staff, students as well as guests from outside the university.  Note: Dial-in numbers are not available.

Share your screen

Easily share your screen with co-workers during meetings or calls. 

Communicate on the go

Download the mobile app to chat, meet and collaborate on the go.

Schedule a Teams meeting from the Outlook Add-in

Installing the Teams desktop client adds the Teams Outlook Add-in button to the tool bar in Outlook.

Teams and Calendar

At this time you will not be able to view or access your Calendar from within Teams the application. This feature will be available in the future.

At the time of Meeting creation

  1. Select Date, Time and Participants
  2. Click Teams Meeting in Outlook Menu bar to add the Teams Meeting url
  3. Go to the Appointment view of the meeting
  4. Click Meeting Options link. This will open a browser window and prompt you to log into your MS 365 account
  5. Adjust the default meeting settings as needed 
  6. In Outlook - Send the meeting invite

After Meeting invite has been sent

The Meeting Options can be adjusted after the meeting invite is sent out. 

  1. Open the Meeting invite in Outlook. 
  2. Click the Meeting Options link  
  3. Log into the your MS 365 account in the web browser window
  4. Adjust the default meeting settings as needed

More about Teams Meetings


Chat basics

A chat is a conversation between two or more people. Messages and files shared in a chat are not accessible to anyone outside of the chat, similar to how emails are only sent to the recipients entered in the To field. Use chat to message your co-workers, boss, students, or friends around campus. Start a group chat for quick conversations or questions. 

Standard vs. private channels

Standard channels are visible to all members of the team. Private channels, indicated by a lock, are only visible to specific people within the team. 

Chat storage

Microsoft Teams chats are stored for a limited time, unless they are part of a Teams group, in which case they are stored for seven years. These chats are stored online, in the Microsoft 365 cloud.

One-on-one chats are stored for 30 days.

See also

Audio Conference PIN

PINs are needed if you are the meeting organizer and are dialing into the meeting yourself.  You do not need a PIN if you are using a Teams mobile app, web browser or desktop client. 

Reset your PIN

Method 1:

In the meeting invite, as the Meeting Organizer, click the Reset PIN link under the Phone Conference ID number.

Method 2:

  1. Go to  
  2. Under the Personal Identification Number (PIN) section click Sign in to reset your PIN
  3. Login using your UBITName and password
  4. Select Audio Conferencing
  5. Click Reset PIN button. This will display a new PIN. You cannot select your own PIN. Please take note of your new PIN.

Learn more

For more in-depth information, please visit Microsoft Teams help & learning

Common questions

Can you record Teams meetings?

Yes, you may record Microsoft Teams meetings to OneDrive. See Play and share a meeting recording

How many participants can be in a Teams meeting?


Will Teams replace Jabber, Zoom or UBbox?

No, right now there are no plans to retire any of those services.

Can you have a Team with people across units?


Do Team collaborators (members) need a subscription to Microsoft 365?

They do not need a subscription, but they need to have at least a Microsoft 365 guest account.

How long is Teams content saved?

Seven years.

What is the expiration for a Team?

The expiration is 365 days. A Team owner receives a notification for Team renewal 30 days, 15 days and 1 day before the Team's expiration date. On  receiving the notification, a Team owner can click Renew now in team settings to renew the Team.

Is there a way to keep active Teams from being deleted?

To prevent accidental deletion, auto-renewal is automatically enabled for teams at UB. When the group expiration policy is set up, any team that has at least one channel visit from any Team member before its expiration date is automatically renewed without any manual intervention from the Team owner.

How can I prevent Outlook from adding a Teams link to my scheduled Zoom meetings?

In your Outlook client, go to Settings > Options and uncheck Add online meeting to all meetings.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.