Choosing the Right Microsoft Booking App

UB provides four powerful apps to help you set up meetings, define office hours, offer items for reservation, and more. See which one will work best for you.

Available booking apps

  • Outlook Calendar is a scheduling tool within Outlook and Microsoft 365. Many employees will already have this installed on their work computers by IT staff. It can also be installed on personal devices. See Microsoft 365 (UBIT).
  • Bookings with Me lets others visit a web page to schedule one-on-one meetings with you, such as office hours. Learn how to set it up at Microsoft Bookings with Me (UBIT).
  • Scheduling Poll lets people vote on the best meeting time for them. It is available in Outlook 365. Create an email addressed to your attendees and select date(s) and time(s) when they appear to be available. See Access Scheduling Poll for instructions.
  • Bookings lets you create a calendar where students can book advising appointments, reserve equipment, manage group events and more. It is available as an Outlook add-in, and requires consultation with your departmental IT staff. See Microsoft Bookings (UBIT)

Compare booking apps

By use case

By feature

Feature Bookings Bookings with me Scheduling Poll Outlook calendar-based scheduling
1:1 meetings    
Several people need to meet with you
Schedule of individuals is known
Schedule of individuals is not known
Allow attendees to choose from pre-set meeting times    
Allow attendees to submit preferred times
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