Use Mathematica: math software that integrates numeric and symbolic computations, graphics, programming language documentation and connectivity to other applications.

Note: This software can be downloaded multiple times and does not limit the number of installations.

Download and Instructions

Mathematica 11.1.0

(Last updated 10/31/2017)

Mathematica 11.1.1

(Last updated 10/31/2017)

Get the Key Code

In order to install Mathematica, request the activation key from the vendor. The key will be emailed to your UB email address. You can then install the software.

  1. Go to the Wolfram Portal. Enter your complete email address in the Login With Wolfram ID field. 
  2. Click Create Account.
    • Enter your complete email address, first name and last name in the fields as requested.
    • Create a password of at least 6 characters. Enter it in both the Password and Confirm password fields.
    • Enter the captcha code that appears.
  3. Click Create Wolfram ID.
  4. In your UB email, reply to the confirmation email from Wolfram.
  5. Go to the Wolfram Activation Key Request Form (linked here)
  6. Enter your complete email address in the Login With Wolfram ID field.
  7. Enter your Wolfram password you created in the Password field.
  8. Click Sign in.
  9. In My Products and Services, click View.
  10. Click Mathematica for Students for Sites.
  11. Click View Activation Keys.

Install Mathematica

  1. Click the Download button (above) to download the software.
  2. Double-click the installer file  or that you downloaded from UB.
  3. The installer will launch. Click Run.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Use the default installation location or choose a different folder, then click Next.
  6. Select Optional Components. Select Mathematica Extras. Click Next.
  7. Keep Wolfram Mathematica as the start menu identifier. Click Next.
  8. Click Install.
  9. Click Finish. A browser will open acknowledging you have installed the browser plugins. You must activate Mathematica before you can use it.
  10. Select Mathematica from your start menu (It may be in Start > All Programs > Wolfram Mathematica > Wolfram Mathematica 10 for Students or Wolfram Mathematica 11 for Students).
  11. Enter the actrivation key from the Wolfram site.
  12. You must agree to the terms of the license agreement to use Mathematica. Select I accept the terms of this agreement then click OK.


Mathematica is available for download from UB for UB student, faculty or staff personal use. This software is not licensed for federally sponsored research.

Help and Tutorials

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