UB InfoSource and SIRI

Request access to UB InfoSource data, derived from administrative systems. UB InfoSource access is available to Faculty and Staff as needed.

Getting Started with UB InfoSource

UB InfoSource is a data delivery mechanism based on an Oracle database. It consists of a collection of information from multiple production databases. The information is read-only and cannot be changed.

UB InfoSource is not intended as a replacement for any other systems. It incorporates data contained in a variety of disparate administrative systems into a single source that allows you to choose the cycle, population and format of the output generated.

UB InfoSource provides direct access to data for end-user reporting and queries.  Most information is refreshed nightly; some, like payroll, is refreshed bi-weekly. 

Getting Started with SIRI

SIRI is a service that provides Web-based reports using InfoSource data. It eliminates the need for user-written queries. Typical reports include financial status, employee profile, course class lists and student profile.

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