Important: mac0S pop-up message with apps like Zoom, Panopto

students at UB South Campus using their laptops.

Published October 10, 2023

If you've upgraded your Mac operating system recently to macOS Sonoma, you may notice a pop-up message from your Mac during or after using apps like Zoom or Panopto. Here's what you need to know. 

Zoom access data pop-up message for macOS Sonoma customers. "" would like to access data from other apps. Keeping app data seperate makes it easier to manage your privacy and security. Don't Allow. Allow.

What is the message?



Sarah Zamer - IT Communications Specialist.

Sarah Zamer 

After you end a Zoom meeting or open Recording with Panopto with macOS Sonoma, you may see a message display on your screen asking you to allow or not allow access to data from other applications. 

What should I do?

Based on testing here at UB, UBIT advises  selecting "Don't Allow" if the pop-up happens after a Zoom meeting.

When using Panopto, UBIT recommends selecting "OK," which will allow Panopto to have control of MS PowerPoint when Panopto is in use.  

Selecting these options will not have any effect on future Zoom meetings or Panopto recordings with macOS Sonoma. You may notice this message when using other applications on your upgraded Mac as well.

From initial testing, this pop-up message will likely appear once each day after you host Zoom meetings or use Panopto with macOS Sonoma. 

The university does not have control over this setting from Apple and cannot disable the pop-up message. 

Need more help with Zoom?

For more information about using Zoom at UB, visit To get help with Zoom, you can talk to Zoom’s virtual assistant 24 hours a day.   

For more information about using Recording with Panopto, visit Panopto offers support Mon-Fri 8 a.m. through 8 p.m. via email at

For additional help with technology at UB, contact the UBIT Help Center online or call (716) 645-3542.