Understanding your UBbox quota

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Photo by Doug Levere.

Published March 28, 2022

Everyone at UB has 128 GB of cloud storage space in UBbox. Find out why that amount was chosen, how to check how much quota you’ve used, and what to do if you need more storage space for your work at UB.

UBbox is one option for file storage and sharing at the University at Buffalo. Another is OneDrive, which also offers 128 GB along with the benefit of Microsoft 365 integration.

How do I check how much storage I’ve used in UBbox?


To see how much UBbox storage you’ve used:

  1. Log into the UBbox web app
  2. Click the circular profile icon in the top right
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Account Settings
  4. Look for your Storage Used at the bottom of the account settings page

I already have more than 128 GB in UBbox. What happens to my files?

If you had more than 128 GB stored in UBbox before March 29, 2022, you will still be able to use UBbox to edit, access and share your files as before. Your quota was calculated to be an additional 10% over the amount of storage you were using before the quota was implemented.

Why 128 GB?

Very few UBbox accounts have historically used more than 128 GB. In fact, greater than 99.9% of all people using UBbox were using less than 128 GB in UBbox at the time the quota was implemented.

What if I need more storage?

If you’ve reached your UBbox storage quota, consider deleting old files, or downloading them for archival storage elsewhere.

Don’t forget: You also have 128 GB of storage as part of Microsoft 365 with OneDrive. In addition to being able to edit, access and share files, OneDrive has several benefits as part of Microsoft 365, including the ability to automatically save your Office documents and collaborate with colleagues from anywhere.

If you still need additional storage space for your work at UB, talk to your departmental support staff about possible accommodations.

Get help with UB cloud storage

For help with UBbox or other file storage and sharing services at the University at Buffalo, contact the UBIT Help Center, online at buffalo.edu/ubit/help or by phone at 716-645-3542.