Using Rubrics in Brightspace

Create rubrics to establish specific criteria and performance expectations for assignments and discussions to make your grading expectations and criteria transparent and consistent. While rubrics require an investment to create and calibrate, the long-term savings in time, the improved quality of feedback and objectivity in grading makes them a valuable resource to include in your course.

Brightspace allows you to create rubrics that can be attached to an assignment, grade item or other assessed items such as discussion topics. There are many benefits of rubrics and a variety of types available in Brightspace. To develop a rubric, first determine the performance levels, criterion categories, a description each level and a grading structure. The following steps guide you through creating and attaching rubrics to your course assignments and discussions. 

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Rubric Options

When creating your rubric, you have the flexibility to create multiple, varying rubrics, depending on your grading needs.

Building Rubrics

It is recommended that you first build the rubric within the Rubrics tab on the navigation bar under Course Tools. If you do not see it here, first select All Course Tools and click Rubrics. After the rubrics are built, they can easily be attached to assignments and discussions.

Reviewing and Editing an Existing Rubric

Once complete, it is helpful to review the rubric from the students’ perspective. To do this, return to the Rubrics tool homepage. Find the rubric listed and click the chevron icon [⌵] to the right of the rubric's name, select preview. You can also print a student friendly copy in this window. To make additional changes to the rubric, select view using the same process. 

Copying, Deleting and Sharing Rubrics

You may want to use the same rubric for various courses you are teaching or share your rubric with colleagues in your department. You can easily copy, delete or share a rubric following the guide below.

Using a Rubric to Grade

Once the rubric is attached to an assignment or discussion, it is easy to use as a grade tool.