UB Curriculum | UB Seminars Psychology class with Professor Eduardo Mercado III in a Capen Hall classroom Photographer: Douglas Levere.

Brightspace Guides for Students

This webpage is a hub for helpful student guides as the transition to Brightspace continues.

On This page

Brightspace Access

To access Brightspace, visit ublearns.buffalo.edu.

All Fall 2023 courses will be delivered using Brightspace only

For Fall 2023 and onward, all courses will be in Brightspace. For any incomplete courses in Blackboard, content will be accessible until Dec. 1, 2023. 

Available Guides

  • Contact UB Learns
    The UB Learns support team is here to help! This page provides details potential unexpected behavior you may encounter, and ways to contact UB Learns should you need further support.

Brightspace Quick Start Videos

In addition to the resources above, these videos are here to help you quickly learn more about navigating the features of Brightspace. 

This tutorial shows how to edit your account settings in Brightspace Learning Environment
Submit course assignments and view feedback using Assignments
This tutorial shows how to navigate the Discussions tool in Brightspace.
This tutorial shows how to take a quiz in Brightspace.