Assessments Overview

Instructors use assessments to evaluate and measure student learning progress and understanding in a course.

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Many instructors require you to submit your assignments through Brightspace. To complete an assignment, you may need to download or attach files and work individually or with a group. Your instructor can allow single or multiple attempts for assignments.

If you need to resubmit a file for an assignment that only allows one submission, you must contact your instructor. The UB Learns support team cannot clear assignment submissions.


In some classes, particularly those that are taught completely online, instructors will use discussions as a way to allow for full-class conversations about relevant concepts.


Many instructors use UB Learns to administer tests and exams. In Brightspace, these are located in the Quizzes tool. Instructors can set up tests to include a timer, allow multiple attempts or if you must complete it in one sitting.

Lost internet connection?

If you lose your internet connection during a quiz, log back in as soon as possible. You will see a Continue Quiz button and all the answers that were saved before the connection was lost. Please be aware that timers continue to run, even if you lose your connection.

If your instructor set a timer, and the timer has expired, you must ask your instructor about the possibility of finishing the quiz. The UB Learns support team cannot clear quiz attempts.