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  • Embracing the Future Now: Instructors and Artificial Intelligence
    Alarm bells are sounding about a new danger lurking in the halls of academia. Misunderstood and operating in the shadows, it is assumed to be drawing students into its clutches with the promise of easier, less time-consuming schoolwork. It asks us what we need and then supplies the fix. What is this menace? Artificial intelligence.
Need-To-Know for Fall 2023 Startup

With the move to Brightspace, instructors need to be aware of some of the changes to course shell creation and when students can access a course.

AI Seed Funds: Request for Proposals

The Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs is dedicating $50,000 to be used for seed funds to enable faculty across the campus to integrate generative AI into course and curricular redesign. Funding will be capped at $5,000 per project.

TA Discovery Community of Practice

The TA Discovery Community is a Community of Practice (CoP) aimed at supporting and developing UB’s teaching assistants, equipping them with best pedagogical practices and classroom strategies.

Who we are

Our office serves as a comprehensive conduit between faculty and university instructional support in our collective efforts to promote the end-goal of student excellence and success.