The Teaching Table Podcast

The Teaching Table is a monthly podcast where we engage in insightful conversations about the dynamic world of teaching, learning and technology within higher education. Brought to you by the University of Buffalo Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Transformation, and made possible by the generous support of the Genteels' Excellence in Teaching Fund, this podcast aims to shed light on the pathways to educational excellence.

Latest Episode

  • Shaping Sustainability Through Active Learning in Higher Education | Ep. 2
    Have you ever sat in a classroom, eyes glazed over, wondering if there's a better way to learn? Dr. Swathi Karamcheti, with her vibrant storytelling and rich experiences, is transforming the educational landscape, one engaging lecture at a time. In this episode, we welcome this passionate educator who reveals how she captures the imagination of her students in the realm of environment and sustainability at the University of Buffalo. Swathi's journey is a testament to her commitment to adapting and evolving her teaching craft, ensuring that every student feels seen, heard and inspired.

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