Spring on South Campus complete with sunshine, flowering trees, and students photographed in May 2023.

This Semester at UB: Spring 2024

This Semester at UB is a resource for instructors to discover essential and up-to-date information related to teaching at the university.

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End of Semester Reminders

As the spring semester draws to a close, we hope you have found new and innovative ways to engage with your students. This email contains helpful opportunities and resources as you begin to prepare for the end of the semester.

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Educational innovations involving technology are often undertaken without enough thought about how they impact diverse stakeholders. In order to create a more inclusive approach to innovation, we need to pay careful attention to how technology intersects with the imperative to educate all students on all campuses, regardless of their background or circumstances. Join us at the 2024 SUNY Conference on Instruction and Technology for presentations and conversations about how we can leverage technological innovations to achieve more equitable success across our profession. Register now to take advantage of the early bird price of $250 for SUNY participants. 

Artificial Intelligence Guidance from Academic Integrity

As artificial intelligence tools continue to evolve and become more easily accessible, UB's office of Academic Integrity has developed some guidelines for students on how they can and cannot use AI tools in their academic work.

Opportunities for Instructors

AI at UB Forums

Hosted by the VPAA Generative AI Task Force, these forums are an opportunity to hear the latest updates on AI research and integration of generative AI in UB's classrooms, and engage in conversations on these topics with colleagues.

  • Teaching Institute: Collaboration Sessions
    Are you interested in collaborating with our learning designers on a project for your course? The CATT teaching transformation team can help to facilitate the collaborative process with you and your colleagues to bring your ideas to develop your ideas.
Communities of Practice: UB TaLCK

Teaching is stressful, so we've created a group to address that concern. UBTaLCK, which is an acronym for UB Teaching and Learning Community of Knowledge, is a Community of Practice aimed to assist faculty with best pedagogical practices and classroom strategies.

AI + Education Learning Community Series

This series is intended to foster collaborative learning, identify synergies across disciplines, reflect on how AI technologies can intersect with, inform, and amplify our work, and catalyze initiatives that align with the funding priorities of federal agencies like NSF and IES. K-12 and higher education professionals are encouraged to attend.

Carnegie Math Pathways Courses Available Through SUNY OER Services

Since 2012, SUNY has partnered with Carnegie Math Pathways to support faculty in helping more students persist in mathematics and complete their degrees or certificates. SUNY & Carnegie Math Pathways courses, Quantway & Statway, are available to all faculty and students as open educational resources (OER) on the SUNY OER Services website. The Carnegie Math Pathways’ ready-made courses are accessible at no cost. 

Lumen Learning Logo.
Lumen Learning: Evidence-based Teaching with Generative AI

Discover how to use evidence-based teaching practices to unlock the power of AI in the new Lumen Circle, Evidence-based Teaching with Generative AI. Master the fundamentals of EBTPs and implement practices to improve students’ sense of belonging. Explore the potential of AI tools to personalize learning, increase engagement, and provide valuable feedback to students. Learn how to integrate generative AI into your curriculum to create highly effective learning experiences. The Evidence-based Teaching with Generative AI fellowship kicks off on May 29, 2024.

Resources and Support

UB Learns Technical Support Request (e.g., A tool isn’t functioning as expected, I don’t see all of my courses.)

Learning Systems staff from the Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Transformation play a vital role in the university’s academic mission through the system administration and direct end-user support for UB Learns.

Instructional Support from CATT

A key component of CATT's mission is to provide resources and support to the campus community. Our Teaching Transformation team provides instructional and pedagogical support to help ensure you are equipped to create classroom experiences which promote student success.