Teaching at UB

This resource is designed to help connect you with the services we have to offer faculty to aid you in your instructional role. 

  • Course Development
    You have the content expertise, now let's explore and discover the ways to build and teach the most effective course to meet the educational objectives of your course.
  • This Semester at UB
    This Semester at UB is a resource for instructors to discover essential and up-to-date information related to teaching at the university.
  • Resources for Teaching Assistants
    Whether you are a new teaching assistant or have prior experience, CATT has compiled resources and developed workshops and other opportunities crafted especially for you.
  • Getting Started with Brightspace
    This guide will help you access UB Learns and navigate its global settings and features.
  • Faculty Affairs: New Faculty Resources
    The duties of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs include welcoming and orienting new faculty to UB.  Below you will find links to introductory materials and resources you may find helpful in your first year at the University at Buffalo.

Classroom Support Quick Links

How do I reserve classrooms?

Reserve classrooms through the UB Space Request System, and look up a room to explore its technology.

Introducing UB's Teaching Stations - Instructional Video Series

This  in-depth series of short videos will show you how to control projectors, connect devices and more. Produced by UB Information Technology.

Course Development Resources

Explore and discover the ways to build and teach the most effective course to meet your educational objectives.

Teaching Support Resources