Getting Started With Brightspace

Get started on your Brightspace course creation by learning how to access, identify, and navigate the global settings and features. 

Training in This Section

  • Logging in and Navigating Brightspace
    Familiarize yourself with the key navigation features on the UB Learns homepage and your course homepage.
  • Setting Up Your Courses in Brightspace
    Beginning with the Fall 2023 semester, all courses will be delivered using Brightspace.
  • Cleaning up Your Copied Course in Brightspace
    Your course has been migrated from Blackboard to Brightspace. Now it is time to review it to ensure it is organized, easily navigable, and accessible for your students.
  • Enrolling and Managing Users
    Enroll additional users in a course who are not officially registered through HUB.
  • Basics of Course Layout in Brightspace
    Your course should have a logical, consistent and uncluttered layout. Making your course layout predictable and free of extraneous tools and information helps students focus on learning the content, not searching for it.
  • Request UB Learns Administrative Course Site
    This page is to request a Brightspace Administrative Course. Administrative courses are sites that are not affiliated with classes offered by registration numbers.
  • Request UB Learns Course Combination
    The form on this page is for combining Brightspace course sites only. Course combinations are processed manually by the UB Learns support team and can take up to one business day to complete.