Brightspace Integrations

Brightspace partners with third-party service providers to create integrations that address UB’s instructional needs.

Brightspace Integrations at UB

UB has added several integrations to the university’s instance of Brightspace, including Panopto, Zoom, Respondus and TopHat. 

Visit the Find Integrated Teaching Technologies webpage for a complete list of current third-party integrations and the Requesting a Teaching Technology Integration form.

Adding Integrations to Courses

Instructors install and configure active integrations in content modules in one of two ways, depending on the vendor:

  • By clicking Existing Activities and selecting External Learning Tools.


  • By clicking the Insert Stuff tool in the Brightspace editor.  

Many popular text publishers also have active integrations within Brightspace that require unique configurations. Instructors are encouraged to contact their selected publisher representatives for specific integration instructions for Brightspace.

Panopto, Respondus, Top Hat and Zoom

We have created additional documentation for some of the most frequently used integrations in Brightspace.