Brightspace Guided Training for Instructors

Brightspace Guided Training, developed by D2L, includes access to self-guided content and opportunities to attend instructor-guided training webinars. This program is recommended for anyone designing, building, teaching or facilitating courses in Brightspace.

What is the Brightspace Guided Training for Instructors?

The Brightspace Guided Training for Instructors is a free, self-paced course where you can learn the ins and outs of building your own course in Brightspace. Learn how to communicate with your students, publish content, evaluate your students assignments and personalize your course through the provided modules. This course also has a series of webinars you can watch to help you gain a deeper understanding of the features of Brightspace. You can access the self-guided training modules through the UB Learns Institutional homepage.

Accessing the Self-Guided Training

To access the self-guided training, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the UB Learns Homepage.
  2. Click Brightspace Guided training, a self-guided course created by Brightspace under the Getting Started section of Information for Instructors. You will be redirected to the Brightspace Guided Training for Instructors.
  3. Click on any module and begin the training.