Using the Brightspace Question Library

The Brightspace Question Library allows you to create an organized central repository that stores and archives questions within a course, allowing you to easily reuse them and import them into other courses.

Because of its utility for storing, organizing and accessing questions, you should consider creating all of your questions in the Question Library., as Quizzes, Surveys and Self Assessments utilize the Question Library. In addition, the Question Library allows you to view statistics such as how often a question is used and success rates. 

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Access the Question Library

To access the question library, go to the Quizzes, Surveys, or Self Assessment tools. From the tool navigation, click Question Library. 

Using Sections

You can use sections to organize questions into folders, which both organize the library and allow you to directly import the sections into quizzes, surveys or self assessments.

  • Consider using sections within the Question Library to organize questions imported from existing Quizzes.
  • By hiding Section Titles or Text, you could utilize these features for organizational purposes. For example, your section text could be "Mathematics 101 Term 1 - Quiz Questions" for easy identification by you as the instructor.

Adding Questions to the Question Library

Questions can be added to the Question Library manually or imported from a quiz. 

Using Questions from the Question Library

Once in the Question Library, questions can be imported into quizzes.

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