Grading Using Quick Eval

Quick Eval is a tool that is available on the Navbar on the Brightspace landing page that allows for easy access to all submissions from all courses being taught.

On This Page:

About the Quick Eval Tool

In the Submissions view, all submissions in every course are listed.  In the Activities view, there is a tile for each assessment.  A number will appear next to the assignment name to indicate how many submissions have been received, and there is a set of progress gauges to allow the instructor to see where they are in terms of grading the entire section.  

  • Click on the New Submissions number to navigate directly to the grading pane for those with new submissions.
  • Hover over the Completed gauge to see the Evaluate All button.  This will navigate to the grading pane for all students.
  • Hover over the Evaluated gauge to see the Submission List icon.  This will navigate to the submission page of the individual assignment with all students listed.
  • Hover over the Published gauge to see theMore Actions button.  This will provide an option to publish all grades for the assessment or to dismiss the notification from Quick Eval.