Request Break Housing

Winter at Baird Point University at Buffalo.

If you need to stay on campus at UB during fall break, winter break or spring break, we can help.

While UB’s residence halls and apartments are closed during the fall, winter and spring break periods, housing is available for approved students. Students who wish to stay during a break period must request break housing and be approved by the appropriate deadline.

Limited Services

Because very few students stay on campus during breaks, some services (including transportation, meal and mail services) are very limited during these times. 

Break Housing - including Winter Session

Prior to any given break, students will receive a “Closing Notice” outlining important information regarding hall closing in their area. During breaks:

  • Residents must leave by 10 a.m. closing day unless they have applied and been approved for break housing          
  • You can leave your belongings in your room
  • Access will be limited to those approved for break housing; residents may only have access to their building during this time. You must apply for break housing to remain in on-campus housing.
  • Overnight guests are not allowed, due to safety and security reasons

Do I Qualify for Break Housing?

Break housing is limited to students who have an academic or unavoidable reason to stay on campus. These reasons include (but are not limited to):

  • On-campus housing is the primary residence
  • Is an international student
  • Safe, living and dining arrangements cannot be made elsewhere
  • Has an in-person academic requirement
  • Has limited access to technology

Can I Stay in My Room During Break Housing?

Yes. If you are approved for break housing, you can stay in your room. However, please note that some services may be limited. 

Break Housing Schedule

You must request break housing during the applicable application window. 

Winter Break 2020-2021

  • Break housing will be available Nov. 25, 2020 – Jan. 20, 2021 for students who meet eligibility criteria.
  • Students must submit a break housing application and will incur additional costs.  (Break housing is not included in room rates.)
  • During any academic break period there will be limited services available including dining, transportation and staffing.

Break Housing Costs

Need help paying your housing bill?
Residence Hall Nightly Rate
Room Type  Nightly Rate
All Rooms $42.72

The residence hall schedule includes all Ellicott, Governors and South Campus rooms.

Greiner Hall Nightly Rate
Room Type  Nightly Rate
Double w/Bath $43.13


Creekside Village Nightly Rates
Apartment Type  Nightly Rates
Creekside West $35.80
Creekside East $43.13
Flickinger Court Nightly Rates
Apartment Type  Nightly Rates
2 bed / 1 or 1.5 bath $35.80
Full Unit N/A

Full Unit Flickinger Court apartments include break housing in the standard rate.

Flint Village Nightly Rates
Apartment Type  Nightly Rates
4 bed / 2 bath $40.78
2 bed / 2 bath $43.08
2 bed / 1 bath $37.46
1 bed / 1 bath $49.68
Hadley Village Nightly Rate
Apartment Type  Nightly Rate
4 bed / 2 bath $40.78
South Lake Village Nightly Rates
Apartment Type  Nightly Rates
4 bed / 2 bath $40.78
2 bed / 1 bath $37.46
1 bed / 1 bath $44.36
Studio $42.26

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