Travel Announcements

Attach required receipts and supporting documentation to expense reports submitted for reimbursement in the travel and expense reimbursement system (Concur).
Get answers to your travel and expense reimbursement system (Concur) questions in a way that’s convenient for you.
On Dec. 31, 2018, the ExpenseIt app will be discontinued because its features are now available in the Concur Mobile app.
Business Services has introduced Live Chat, a dynamic method of customer service that provides real-time convenience for just-in-time help.
The travel and expense system always shows the current per diem rates set by the General Services Administration (GSA). 
With the holiday season comes the natural desire to provide gifts, cards and other social amenities. Business Services reminds departments of UB’s guiding principles for appropriate and reasonable expenditures.
A mandatory update for the Concur Mobile app was released on Aug. 13. The update integrated the existing ExpenseIt app into the Concur Mobile app. Now travel and expense system (Concur) users only need to use one app, the Concur Mobile app.
Cost Approvers are responsible for allocating expenses to the correct accounts in the travel and expense system (Concur.) All expenses on a report must be fully allocated or it cannot be processed for payment.
A recent update to the travel and expense system (Concur) modified several expense report header fields. The updated fields include new dropdown menus and will speed report payment processing.
Email your receipt and supporting documentation images to and the images will upload to your Available Receipts library in the travel and expense reimbursement system (Concur). However, first be sure to verify your email address in your profile.
Ensure that your state financial transactions are attributed to the correct fiscal year using the cutoff dates for each transaction type.
Learn the differences between the Request and Expense modules in the travel and expense reimbursement system (Concur) to ensure you properly submit your expenses for reimbursement.