Principles of Ethical Conduct Policy Revised

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Published May 23, 2023

The university has updated the Principles of Ethical Conduct Policy. The revised policy has been approved and signed by President Tripathi and is available in the University Policy Library



Pursuit of the University at Buffalo mission of teaching, research and public service requires a shared commitment to ethical conduct in all university activities. This policy provides an overarching code of ethics by which university faculty, staff and student employees are expected to abide.

Policy Revisions

The policy was updated to:
  • Change the title of the policy from Ethics Policy to Principles of Ethical Conduct
  • Add statements regarding the university’s commitment to:
    • Academic integrity (Honesty and Integrity)
    • Accessibility of our programs, activities, and communications (Respect)
  • Add language regarding conflicts of commitment and withdrawing from deliberations, voting or other decision-making processes where a conflict of interest or commitment exists or might arise (Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest and Commitment)
  • Add a definition for Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest
  • Add a responsibility for supervisors, managers and university leadership to listen to concerns and respond appropriately
  • Add a responsibility for Internal Audit to review EthicsPoint reporting


This policy applies to all members of the university community including faculty, staff and student employees, regardless of funding source.

Students taking courses, attending classes or enrolled in academic programs are required to read and affirm the Student Code of Conduct.


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