Personal websites at UB

A young woman types on a laptop, while HTML code is displayed in the background.

UB students, faculty and staff are provided with space to create a personal website. If you know HTML (or want to learn), you can create an online resume or share your interests with friends and colleagues. Get creative! 

Activate or deactivate your site

Your personal website is not visible on the web until you activate it:

Once activated, your personal website will be visible at:


You may deactivate your site at any time using the UB personal website manager above, and your site's files will remain intact. 

Edit your site

To add your information to your personal website, you’ll need an HTML editor (such as Adobe Dreamweaver) or a text editor with an SFTP program (like WinSCP for Windows or Fetch for Mac, both available from UB). Refer to the software’s documentation for more specifics, but the settings are:

  • Server:
  • Login/Username: Your UBITName
  • Password: Your UBITName password
  • Initial path/directory: public_html
  • Connection type: SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)
  • Port: 22

Note: If you are off-campus, make sure to first connect to UBVPN.

Common questions

Why isn't my public_html folder in my MyFiles space working?

The public_html folder in your MyFiles space no longer serves your personal website as of August 22, 2023. Please use the updated SFTP instructions above for making changes to your website.

How much space can my site use?

250 MB. Submit a ticket with the UBIT Help Center to check your usage.

Can I use server-side scripting languages like PHP, or connect to databases with my personal website?


I deleted a file on accident. How can I get it back?

Submit a ticket with the UBIT Help Center. Include the names of the files. Backups are created nightly.

Can I use my personal website at UB for business purposes?

No, UB resources may not be used for private commercial gain. For details, see the Computing and Network Use policy

Why am I having trouble activating/deactivating my website?

You may be using more storage space than you are allowed. Please submit a ticket to the UBIT Help Center to check your available space.

What happens to my personal website when I leave UB?

UB staff and faculty who leave UB before retirement, students and volunteers will no longer have their university personal website six months after losing their last affiliation.