Service Level Statement:


Faculty and staff receive Jabber service and support. IT staff receive software downloads and support. Jabber includes a softphone and a chat client.

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Requesting Services/Support

Faculty/staff should contact their IT staff to request Jabber software install. Requests for services or support for IT staff  should be logged with the UBIT Help Center or by filling out the Telephone Service Request Form

Telephone Request Requesting Telephone Service from our standard service offering (e.g., new phone set or number assignment, phone display name change, etc.), getting instructional and informational help (e.g., how to place calls, how to program speed dials, etc.) or requesting services related to telephone service, including Jabber.
Telephone Incident/Repair Restoring Telephone Service to normal operation by replacement (swapping phone) or maintenance (resetting phone).
Headsets/accessories Supported headsets and related accessories are defined in Headsets and Accessories.
Telephone Capability A universal technology feature of telephony (e.g., directory listing, voicemail, etc.).

Additional definitions are available in the Service Level Statement - Glossary.

Scope of Services

CIT provides Jabber service to all UB faculty and staff, in all spaces owned and/or managed by UB, on request. Specifically excluded from this Service Level Agreement are Call Center Solutions and VoIP Broadcast Paging which are provided as distinct, opt-in services.


Applicable fees associated with purchasing accessories for use with Jabber Service are described at Cost of Services.

Service Response Targets for Jabber

All of the listed service goals are defined within the Hours of Support.  In other words, if an issue is reported outside of hours of support, the clock would not start until start of business the following business day.  As targets, these are not guarantees on response time, but goals that help define the needed support resources.
Hours of Availability:

  • All Locations: 24x7x365

Hours of Support:

  • Downtown, North, South Campus: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET M-F

Jabber Request:

Jabber Incident:

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.