Office 2021 Professional Plus: Windows Download for Personally-Owned Computers

Microsoft 365 (free to current students, faculty and staff) includes the latest version of Office and other productivity apps, and is updated automatically. Go to download page 

Use Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus for Windows, a productivity suite of software for editing documents, spreadsheets, computer slide shows, reading email and more, for your computer with Windows 10 or 11 installed on it.

Note: This software can be downloaded multiple times and does not limit the number of installations.

This software contains: Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word

Download Office

Last updated 9/7/2023

Download may take up to 30 minutes

Please allow the download to complete before logging off or turning off your computer.

Install Office 2021

  1. Uninstall Office (including trial versions and other versions from UB)
  2. Go to the Office 2021 installer you downloaded
  3. Right-click on the Office 2021 installer and choose Run as Administrator.

Common Questions

Office repeatedly prompts me to activate on a new PC?

Please follow the instructions at to update your registry.  This is an intermittent problem with Office.

Why am I being prompted for a product or activation key?

You must uninstall all previous versions (trial versions and full versions) of Office and the Get Office app (if present) before you download and install UB's version.

If you did, re-start your computer and launch the software again.

If you did, and still get prompted for a key, run the Office Easy Fix Removal Tool to remove any remnants of Office that may still be on your computer, then install UB's version. 

If I delete a previous version of Office, do my files get deleted?

No, deleting old versions of office does not delete or harm files you produced using Office.

May I download Office more than once?


Can I use Office on a Mac?

Yes. You can download Office 2021 for Mac or  Microsoft 365.

Can I request a physical copy of Office media?


How can I log into OneNote online after I install Office?

Go to and create a free Microsoft account.

How can I use Word with languages other than English?

See the Microsoft page for Enabling Other Languages.

How long can I use Office?

Your Office download will continue to work the entire time you are at UB. When you are no longer a current student, faculty or staff member, you must remove Office from your computer.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.