Minitab: Windows Download for Personally-Owned or UB-Owned Computers

Minitab is an all-in-one statistical and graphical analysis software package. Minitab is easy to use and can be utilized interactively to provide data manipulation and statistical analysis for data sets. 

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Important Installation Notes

If you accidentally created a free trial of Minitab using your UB email address, you may see two choices at sign in.

Minitab license portal - free trial. The State University of New York SSO - the correct login to access Minitab.

Always choose The State University of New York SSO.

If you signed into the first choice, Minitab License Portal (a free trial version), and created files, save any files created with that option to your device. Make sure you always choose The State University of New York SSO in the future.


Minitab is available to:

  • UB Students who have paid the Comprehensive fee
  • UB Faculty
  • UB Geographic Full time Faculty   
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