UB's Compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act

The 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) introduced a set of guidelines aimed at encouraging safe and legal downloading on college campuses. Learn how UB is using these guidelines to proactively educate its students, faculty and staff about the risks of file sharing and the importance of copyright law.

The Higher Education Opportunity Act and UB's Plan

HEOA Requirement
UB's Plan
Annual disclosure to inform students that unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials is illegal Annual notification to UB students
Documentation of a compliance plan that includes a "technology-based deterrent"

The University at Buffalo employs bandwidth shaping to manage network traffic. For the rest of our compliance plan, please see:

How UB Responds to Allegations of Online Copyright Infringement

Alternatives to illegal file-sharing UB IT maintains copyright compliance Web pages that provide access to alternative sources of authorized copyrighted digital materials; notifications of copyright infringement will include a link to this Web page and to additional resources.
Periodic review of the effectiveness of the plan The DMCA agent performs a periodic review.