What Happens to Your UBbox When You Leave UB

Find out what happens to your UBbox files when you leave UB.

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UB Graduates

Keep UBbox for Six Months After Graduation

  • Access your UBbox for six months after your degree conferral date. Use this time to download your files and save them elsewhere.
  • After six months, your UBbox is locked.
  • 30 days later, your files are permanently deleted from UBbox.

Students Leaving UB (Who Do Not Graduate) and Former Employees

Download your files, and, if you want, upload them to a new personal Box.com account, or another cloud service.

  • You can access your UBbox files for 14 days after you receive notification of UB affiliation ending.

Common Questions

If I use Box Sync, do copies of my files remain accessible to me if I leave UB?

Yes. Using Box Sync is an easy way to make sure copies of all your files are available on your desktop. Your files are no longer available in UBbox once they are deleted.

Will people still be able to access the files and folders I own?

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