UBbox: Features

Feature Highlights

  • 128 GB of Storage for your academic and university-related documents while you are with UB
  • Easily upload, view and organize files and folders from on or off campus
  • Share any file or folder in UBbox with a link
  • Invite collaborators to an online folder or group of folders
  • Manage collaborator permissions, including view-only and full editing rights
  • Temporarily "lock" shared files as you edit them to prevent accidental overwrites
  • Enjoy the security of having your files backed up in the cloud
  • Arrange files in collections to organize your personal display of files
  • Use Box Edit to seamlessly edit files you have the program installed for
  • Use Box Drive to store, access and share files and folders from the cloud, freeing up your hard drive. 
  • Download the Box app to view and share files from mobile devices
  • Accessible version at a.box.com. Learn more from the Box Community.
  • High-strength TLS encryption is used in transit (transfer) while 256-bit AES encryption is used at rest (on the disc)
  • Securely store university data (Cat I-III). For Cat I data please contact your IT department or the UBIT Help Center for more information.
Am I allowed to upload sensitive data into UBbox?

UBbox is appropriate for university data, Categories I-III. A special account is required to store Category I Restricted Data (such as Social Security Numbers, banking, health, and legal information). Please contact your IT department or the UBIT Help Center for more information. 

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