Alumni: Explaining your move from Google to Microsoft 365

UB alumni are joining the thousands of students, faculty and staff using Microsoft 365. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Your UB Google Drive storage will no longer be available

Move all your data from your UB Google Drive account to an alternate, non-UB digital storage option by February 13, 2023 (if you graduated prior to February 1, 2023). After that date, your files will be removed from UB Google Drive.

Before you start

  • Check that you have enough local storage available before downloading your files from UB Google Drive storage.
  • Ensure you have enough storage available in your alternate, non-UB digital storage location where you plan to store the files. You have no UB file storage where you can move your files to.


Use one of the methods below to preserve your UB Google Drive data:

  • Option 1: Download to your local machine and upload to your non-UB storage provider
  • Option 2: Transfer your content from UB Google Drive to a Personal Google account (Note: You must use Google Chrome):
    1. Under Manage your google account, transfer your content

2.   Follow the prompts

  • Option 3: Use Takeout for storing files in an alternate non-Google storage solution:
    • This is not a preferred method for moving files to a personal google drive space
    • Limited to a two sub folder hierarchy
    • Some file types do not migrate (e.g., executable files)

2. Your UBmail (Google) will change

Important: Email forwarding is no longer available to alumni.

Throughout 2023, UBmail (Google) accounts will be moved to Microsoft 365. You will be notified by email before your account is moved.  No messages will be lost, but your new UBmail account will have several important differences, including: 

  • New features such as Focused Inbox
  • New settings for your phone, tablet or computer
  • Added security features

For a complete guide to all these changes, see:


The UBIT Help Center is standing by to help members of UB’s alumni community as they transition their UBmail accounts to Microsoft 365.

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