Folder Naming Convention in UBbox

The most visible indication of a folder's contents is its name.

To clearly delineate folders containing restricted data, the following naming conventions are required. Only folder names need to follow these conventions, not individual filenames. Complete and logical folder names will also help you and others use UBbox's search tool to find information. Folder and file names have a 255 character maximum.

Do not include PII or other sensitive data in UBbox file names or folder names.

Top-level folder names must be of the form SENSITIVE Folder_Name for non HIPAA data and be of the form HIPAA Folder_Name for HIPAA data. A top-level folder will be created during initial setup and should not be changed.  Additional top-level folders should not be created; instead sub-folders should be created as needed.

Because collaborators added at a lower level only see the name of the folder at which they are added, you must include the top-level folder name in all sub-folders as well.

Example top-level folder and sub-folder names:

  • Top-level Folder Name: SENSITIVE Social_Security_Numbers
  • Sub-folder Name:  SENSITIVE Social_Security_Numbers Employees
  • Sub-folder Name:  SENSITIVE Social_Security_Numbers Students
  • Top-level Folder Name:  HIPAA Patient Information
  • Sub-folder Name:  HIPAA Patient Information Blood_Types