Approval for Storing Restricted Data in UBbox

Learn how to get approval to store restricted data in UBbox.

Each UBbox folder containing restricted data must have a data steward (see “Definitions and References” section). The data steward is a named individual responsible for the restricted data.

  • Data stewards must obtain approval to store restricted data in UBbox as follows:
    • For Category 1: Restricted Data, including data regulated by HIPAA, the Information Security Officer (ISO) and the appropriate security/privacy official approve the request.
  • Additional approval requirements:
    • Mandatory training must be completed before accessing restricted data and at minimum on an annual basis thereafter. UB EDGE, when possible, should be used for all mandatory training.
      • Restricted data training
      • UBbox-specific training for data stewards and folder co-owners:
        • Read and understand this entire document.
      • Minimal Box specific training for anyone with access to restricted data folders: Read and understand the following sections of this document:
        • User responsibilities when storing and accessing restricted data in UBbox
        • Visual Indicators
        • Folder Icons
        • Folder Naming Convention
        • Restrictions and permitted methods of accessing restricted data in UBbox (all sections)
      • For data subject to HIPAA:
        • HIPAA training provided by the security/privacy officials of the covered function.
    • Security/privacy officials are responsible for ensuring adherence to training requirements.
    • Security/privacy officials are responsible revoking access to restricted data in UBbox if mandatory training requirements are not met in a timely manner.
    • Written approval from data steward's direct supervisor.
    • Written description of need to store restricted data in UBbox.
    • Written confirmation from the data steward that they have read this document and will comply with all its requirements.
  • Data Stewards are responsible for maintaining records of approvals and training completion.

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