Many Thanks to Rick Lesniak

Rick Lesniak.

Rick Lesniak introducing "Your Digital Footprint," a Digital Challenges Series event held on October 1, 2014.

Published November 17, 2015 This content is archived.

IT at UB has seen considerable transformation in the past 40 years. And one pivotal member of our team, who has helped build our organization at every turn over the last 35 years, is retiring as of November 20, 2015.


Rick Lesniak has been a true leader at UB, shaping and driving not only the technological innovations we’ve come to consider essential, but informing the entire ethos of what we do in UBIT. Rick’s optimism and forward-thinking has helped remind us over the last several decades why we’re here: serving the students, faculty and staff that make UB a great institution.

In addition to his work as an adjunct associate professor for UB’s Department of Communication, Rick’s had a variety of roles at the university, working in design and implementation of services that benefit students and faculty. He played a key role as Director of the former Academic Services (ASCIT) team, which was the primary organization for academic IT support until 2011.

Since then, Rick continued to serve as our IT Policy and Communication Officer. But no matter the name of the organization or title, Rick’s work has been about defining our vision and moving it forward.

Rick, I want to join the rest of our organization in thanking you for your years of service and wish you a happy and fulfilling retirement. You can be satisfied knowing a piece of you will always be at UB as your vision continues to influence the way we look forward to serving our community every single day. A legacy that would make anyone proud.

All the best, Rick. Thanks for everything.

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