New to LevelUp: UltraWide Monitors for your laptop

A photo of LevelUp's new 49" wide monitors for student laptops.

Published August 15, 2022


Maximize your screen to maximize your productivity: connect your laptop to one of LevelUp’s new curved, 49-inch monitors using the included HDMI or USB-C cables.

The new displays in LevelUp are Dell UltraSharp 49” Curved Monitors, offering lots of work space in a curved screen that’s as big as two 27-inch monitors side-by-side.

To get started, connect your laptop to an available display using either the included HDMI or USB-C cable. These monitors are designed for seamless connectivity, but you still might have to adjust your laptop’s external display settings before they work with your device.

Bigger screen, better productivity

Did you know that the size of the screen you’re working on directly affects your productivity? One study shows that some people using larger monitors completed tasks 52% faster than their counterparts using smaller screens.

Larger screens reduce time spent managing open windows and increase the amount of data you can see onscreen at once. So, for example, you can take notes in OneNote while watching a Panopto recording of your class.

Being able to easily do more at once reduces stress, frees your focus and allows you to better get stuff done.

By popular demand

The addition of new 49” monitors for student laptops in LevelUp’s cutting-edge computing site is the direct result of UB student feedback.

In a survey of students using public computing sites in spring 2022, many told UBIT they wanted to be able to plug their laptop into a larger display, so they could be more productive while using their own devices.

Level up your productivity in UB public computing sites

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