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VPCIO Bible and UBIT Fairy.

The UBIT Fairy (Marisela Lugo, UB Class of 2017) with UB Vice President and Chief Information Officer J. Brice Bible

Published September 29, 2015 This content is archived.

I’d like to welcome all UB students, new and returning, to the university this semester. I enjoyed meeting some of you and your families during my tour of North and South Campus during move-in.


Both the UBIT Fairy and I went through the residence halls to let students know about the UBIT Help Center’s in-person assistance on move-in Thursday and Friday. While the majority of UB students connected smoothly by following instructions provided on the UBIT website, our team was on-site to help anyone in need of assistance. As of September 29, 2015, a total of 65,000 unique devices are connected to UB's network.

Working closely with UB's academic and student life offices, UBIT staff made special efforts to participate in back to school activities. UBIT had 26 professional staff and 24 students assisting students in residence halls, taking calls and responding to emails during move-in Thursday and Friday alone. They put in a tremendous effort to get students up and running as quickly as possible, allowing students more time to get settled and enjoy the UB experience.

I’d like to thank the university’s IT staff across UB for their hard work to make connecting seamless for the majority of students.

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