M&T Bank CTO Shares Innovation Experiences with UB Students

Julieta Ross.

Julieta Ross, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer with M&T Bank,
inspired UB students to push themselves and improve.

Published January 7, 2016 This content is archived.

I was fortunate to have remarkable guest speakers present to my Technology and Innovation course for the School of Management during the Fall 2015 semester. Hosting these speakers gave my students exposure to different perspectives and professional experience, and the opportunity to interact directly with professionals.


Julieta Ross, senior vice president and chief technology officer of M&T Bank, was one of the speakers who joined us. She shared her real-world experiences on technology innovation in the banking industry.

Julieta had two key pieces of advice to share with my students:

When you get comfortable doing something, you have to change.

“If you get comfortable doing what you do, and you keep doing it, you are not going to get better or improve.  It is important that you break out of your comfort zone and to be willing to try new things.” Julieta told the students this is her lifelong motto.

Learn how to sell your ideas and concepts effectively.

“If you can’t sell your ideas and concepts, you will not succeed. No one will buy into what you’re doing. The ability to sell a concept or an idea is just as important as having a big idea.”

Throughout the presentation, Julieta touched on aspects relating to the banking industry from a technology perspective, transforming the industry with true innovation and the importance of having diversity in a team. I’d like to thank her for inspiring my students and myself.  

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