Introducing the future of health IT at UB

Published November 12, 2018 This content is archived.

A students works with technology in a lab.

An exciting new group with members from UB’s various health IT organizations is working collaboratively to modernize, secure and better integrate the technology that supports UB’s groundbreaking medical work.


This is a multidisciplinary team of diverse, expert and knowledgeable IT staff, with active members from the Office of Medical Computing (OMC) and The UB Physician’s Group (UBMD) IT, as well as UBIT.

The group has developed and delivered near-term solutions for improved operations, like better documenting of IT workflows to encourage greater communication and collaboration between UB’s various health-related organizations and partnerships.

Medicine leadership is pleased with the first official phase of operations and has clarified how the group will identify long term goals and evolve to meet them.

Finding ways to better support UB’s growing profile in the medical field represents a significant focus, and a worthwhile challenge, to the institution. It’s something I’ve spoken about before, and this group will be working to meet that challenge as our health partnerships in WNY expand.

This work begins by focusing on the customer experience—improving and prioritizing technology services and security for patients, students and doctors.

For UB’s clinical practice, it’s about enabling and improving patient care through technology. For our researchers, it’s about securing and ensuring access to critical data. And, in all areas, we’re working to improve the customer experience while tackling the common goal of keeping our people, our devices and our data secure.

In short, we want to adopt the same groundbreaking, multidisciplinary spirit that defines UB’s medical research and practice in order to deliver the IT solutions that same work relies on. This is an area with a lot of momentum, and it’s one you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the future.

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