Faculty: Use Level Up for instructional purposes

UB students using the computers in the Esports arena.

UB students using the computers in the Esports arena.

Published September 21, 2023

UB faculty: Looking to put a new spin on how your students engage with your course? Level Up might offer the perfect interactive environment.

Gaming for instructional use



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Michael Canfield joined UB in January 2023 as an IT Communications Specialist for UBIT. A former newspaper reporter with a background in higher ed communication, Michael is also a volunteer firefighter. When he’s not writing or learning about all things UBIT, Michael likes to spend time with his wife and two English bulldogs, Franky and Grace. He’s also an avid student of the Battle of Gettysburg and a (sometimes) hockey writer.

Level Up, UB’s premier console gaming lounge and Esports arena, also has benefits for teaching. By using gaming, students are able to have a more immersive and fun learning experience.

Instructor Michael Kicey used the space to explore Ancient Greece with his class using Assassins Creed Odyssey. Using the game’s “discovery mode,” Kicey’s class was able to explore places like the Acropolis and dwellings in ancient Greece. 

Lindsay Hahn, assistant professor of Communications, used Level Up as a hands-on way to research the effects of violent video games with her students. Using Mortal Kombat 11 and Overcooked 2, Hahn was able to study her students’ real-time reactions to stressful and violent video games amongst their peers.

Easy to reserve

You can easily request space at Level Up online. Information on the games and systems available at Level Up is available on UBIT’s website

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