Introducing Microsoft Copilot: Your AI companion at UB

Microsoft Copilot generated image of two students of diverse ethnicities sitting together on an outdoor bench, smiling, each using a laptop.

Image created by Microsoft Copilot

Published January 23, 2024

Analyze, create, and write with the help of AI with Microsoft Copilot, powered by Bing. Copilot is available now for UB faculty, and staff with an A5 license, and UB students beginning February 2024. 

Get the answers you need fast with the power of GPT-4



Sarah Zamer.

Sarah Zamer joined UB in January 2023 as an IT Communications Specialist for UBIT, focusing on video production. Prior to UB, she spent over a decade in the television news industry as a Director/Producer.

 A Buffalo native, Sarah enjoys spending time in Western New York with her family and friends. She also enjoys traveling, bowling, and the occasional round of golf.


With Microsoft Copilot (formerly Bing Chat Enterprise), you can get AI-powered information at your fingertips. Copilot offers the power of GPT-4, generating custom answers for you using current web data. You can also ask follow-up questions for more specific answers to your needs. 

Every response on Copilot is cited by public information on the Internet, so you know exactly where Copilot is getting its answers. Always make sure to review sources from any AI generated information, so that you’re confident that information is correct.

UB students: As with all generative AI tools, please check with each instructor about its appropriate use to ensure that you are abiding by UB’s academic integrity policy.

Copilot is your creative partner for writing, image generating and more

Need to write an email to someone fast? What about coming up with a template for a course syllabus? Copilot can help you  with handling tasks quickly and efficiently, so that you can focus your time on other major projects or assignments. 

We’re not all graphic designers, so let Copilot generate a custom image for you. With the power of DALL-E 3, you can describe any image you need for an assignment or presentation. Copilot will present you with AI generated unique images in seconds. 

Need help identifying an image you already have? With visual search, you can add an image in the chat prompt and Copilot will answer your questions using the picture. For example, you can snap an image of a product and ask Copilot to find the instruction manual for it. 

With Copilot, your data at UB stays safe

Copilot is our choice for AI chat at UB because it keeps your data secure. Once you sign into Copilot with your UBITName and password, Microsoft will never use any information that you input or obtain from a Copilot session to train AI models. All prompts and answers are discarded at the end of your session with AI chat. 

Be sure to always protect your information online at UB and never put any sensitive data at UB into AI chats.

How do I get started with Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is currently available to UB faculty and staff (and UB students as of February 1st) on all major browsers like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Visit and sign in with your UBITName and password to get started with AI chat. 

Remember, if you are not signed in using your UBITName account, your data will not be protected while using Copilot. 

Need more help?

If you need help with Microsoft Copilot or other technology at UB, contact the UBIT Help Center online or call (716) 645-3542.