Celebration of Cultures Basket Raffle Fundraiser Recap

A graphic representing cultures from around the world.

Published December 13, 2023

Our basket raffle fundraiser was a success! On Tuesday, December 12th, the Office of the Vice President and Chief Information Officer hosted a Celebration of Cultures Basket Raffle Fundraiser in The Buffalo Room (10 Capen) to support UB’s SEFA Campaign for the Community.   

Some of the baskets

UB community participated



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Michael Canfield

Thank you to all of the UB students, faculty, and staff who purchased raffle tickets for baskets celebrating  countries and cultures from around the globe. 

Who benefited?

Thanks to the UB community's generosity, the VPCIO's area was able to donate a total of $1,706, split evenly between:

  • Buffalo Engineering Awareness for Minorities - fostering diversity in STEM fields.
  • Wings Flights of Hope, Inc. - providing free air transportation to patients in need.

Need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center any time you need help with UB technology, online at buffalo.edu/ubit/help or by phone at 716-645-3542.