Wi-Fi problems? Scan and tell UBIT

Published August 15, 2023

"How's the Wi-Fi here?" sticker.

Scan these stickers in select campus buildings.


Canfield photo.

Michael Canfield 

Hey, UB! Have you seen the “How’s the Wi-Fi here?” stickers with the QR codes around campus? 

We want to know how our Wi-Fi network is working for you. Here’s your chance to let us know. When you see a sticker, hold your camera phone up to it, tap the “smiley face” or “frown face” to rate the Wi-Fi in that area, and that's it! Your response will be shared with UBIT staff. 

Your rating will be completely anonymous and we’ll view it along with all of the other network diagnostics we collect. Our goal is to provide the fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi possible.

Here’s where you can find a sticker as of August 2023:

  • Student Union
  • One World Cafe
  • Ellicott Dining Hall
  • Governors Dining Hall
  • Silverman 3rd Floor Library
  • NSC second floor hallway
  • Harriman Cafe
  • Abbott Library
  • Richmond Dining Center
  • Diefendorf 147
  • Diefendorf  5
  • Pharmacy Building
  • Hayes Hall

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